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People come first. Period.left-employment

Our patients and our employees are our reason for being and the reason for our success.

We always work hard to make sure that, first, we have the right people on board at Premier, and second, that we put those great people into the right positions. We firmly believe in providing people with the opportunity to grow professionally, delegating work and responsibilities, and seeing how far people will run with it.

We have been more than pleased to see just how far our people go! We have found that the flexibility and empowerment we give our employees turns them into willing masters of their own destiny. Our team is known throughout the industry as being highly professional, extremely compassionate, and just plain nice to have around. We go the extra mile with smiles and true joy at being able to make someone’s life just a little bit better.

The return to Premier has been our employees’ reciprocal loyalty, dedication, and assumption of the company’s successes and challenges. Our employees thrive on responsibility and being part of something that just plain works. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Premier Medical Corporation participates in E-Verify. For additional information, please see the following:

Employment Opportunities at Premier Medical Corporation:

  • Route Driver (Denver)


To apply, please email your resume to careers@premiermedicalcorp.com.

We only accept resumes for posted positions.