Our Company



Letter from Leadership Team

When we started Premier Medical in April 1993, we wanted to be sure to accomplish one thing: to take care of the patients we service as if they were our family. We am proud to say that what we have become is a Partner in Care with hospice organizations, nursing facilities and PACE providers.

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History, Mission & Philosophy

To provide exceptional service and compassionate care – every patient, every customer, every time.

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Our Team

Premier Directors/Officers/Leaders

Toll Free 1-877-496-7153
Fax 303-298-7081

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Employment Opportunities

People come first. Period.

Our patients and our employees are our reason for being and the reason for our success.

We always work hard to make sure that, first, we have the right people on board at Premier, and second, that we put those great people into the right positions. We firmly believe in providing people with the opportunity to grow professionally, delegating work and responsibilities, and seeing how far people will run with it.

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Customer Testimonials

Dear Friends,

First, I wanted to take the time to extend our gratitude for your kindness and support during this difficult time. It is much appreciated to know there was never any reason to sweat the small stuff. Your company’s staff took good care of my grandmother’s needs. Although we only used your services for a short time, it didn’t take long to notice how personable and understanding your drivers and customer service representatives were. They made such a lasting impression; I decided that those few individuals needed to be recognized.

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