Customer Testimonials


“Dear Friends,left-testimonials

First, I wanted to take the time to extend our gratitude for your kindness and support during this difficult time. It is much appreciated to know there was never any reason to sweat the small stuff. Your company’s staff took good care of my grandmother’s needs. Although we only used your services for a short time, it didn’t take long to notice how personable and understanding your drivers and customer service representatives were. They made such a lasting impression; I decided that those few individuals needed to be recognized.

My delivery drivers were very polite, quick and weren’t afraid to greet grandmother, nor were they intimidated by my questions or concerns. The deliveries were always on time and fluid. The drivers did all the required footwork as well as instructions.

It was no different on April 19, 2011, the day I had materials returned. Again, the two men arrived when expected and immediately began preparing supplies for return and moving the equipment. In short amount of time, my grandmother became aware of the politeness and kindness from the young men.

She is 91 and suffers from dementia. Although, this time has been rough for her and her family, it’s always so comforting to know there are others out there who care. The delivery drivers showed that to my grandma.

In her situation a smile is a rarity. This is why I found it necessary to commend our delivery drivers, and to thank them. I hope they know that something as simple as a greeting and a smile made my grandmother’s day. They deserve a gold star!

Grand daughter of a patient



“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone on your end (all the staff from customer service, dispatch and to the drivers themselves) for all of the wonderful gifts you have given to our families and patients – we have had some unique situations lately and Premier has gone above and beyond to help us meet the needs of these families.  I have had several staff stop by to say thank you for doing this or that, but it is not me they should be thanking!  Without your wonderful staff and exceptional customer service, many of these things would not be possible!  How blessed we are as an agency to be partnered with such a truly wonderful company such as Premier!”

Clinical Services Specialist, Pathways Hospice



“A patient stated that her Respiratory Service Technician was the kindest and most thoughtful person she knew.  The kind employee every company should have, when the world lacks so much kindness in it.  She has gotten her oxygen filled by your Respiratory Service Technician for a long time.  He was always pleasant and concerned for her.  When she learned that she was moving and her Respiratory Service Technician wouldn’t be delivering to her any longer, he made a special effort to stop by and tell her good bye and to wish her well.  He made the difference for her.”

Visiting Nurses Association



“Thank you all so much for your great service you provided for my husband.  From the beginning you all were dedicated to the devotion of your patients and that is wonderful for families who are going through the loss of a loved one.”

Family of a Hospice patient



“I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how impressed I am already with your company and your staff. Today was the start of our official contract with you guys and I’m already so happy we switched to Premier.  Tonight, I had a phone call from a concerned patient whose stationary oxygen had run out and she was short of breath and very concerned.  Typically, her refill days were Thursday but since we were switching companies her oxygen did not get filled on the regular schedule since we were going to make a change.  I immediately called your after hours number and had your on call driver paged.  Your on call delivery driver called me back within 15 minutes and could not have been more helpful.  He was very professional, helpful and willing to accommodate the needs of this patient immediately.  I felt so relieved that my patient would be getting the oxygen she needed within an hour.  The best part was that your driver never once came across with an attitude of being put out as we have experienced in the past with other companies.  Please let your driver know how grateful I am to him and how appreciative I am that he was willing to help our patient in need.  I really look forward to working with your company.”

Rachel Bergbower, RN, BSN,
SolAmor Hospice of Denver



“I am moving on from Total Long Term Care to a new adventure but wanted you to know how much I truly appreciated working with the people from your company.  Premier is one of the most professional & caring companies that I have worked with in the last 25 years.  Premier Medical Corporation is a good company, with good people.  Keep doing what you are doing.” 

Christi Summers, Clinical Nurse Manager,
Total Long Term Care- Chambers Center



“I am just writting to thank you for the excellent service we have received from two of your technicians.  Both gentlemen have always been courteous, and extremely helpful whenever we have had questions or concerns.  Employees like this are the kind that make your company proud, and I just thought you should know what a great service they are doing for both Premier Medical and your customers.”

Thank you,
Daughter of a hospice patient



“The Respiratory Service Technicians that were involved in the delivery & pickup of equipment we needed to bring our father home for hospice care were wonderful, quick, polite, efficient and personable.  This was a trying time for our family and your excellent employees made it a much easier experience.  Great job!”

Family of a hospice patient



“I just wanted to drop you a quick note with my compliments! I know that you are very busy, but I feel compelled to share my experience with you. It has been a pleasure to work with your staff over the past four weeks on our transition to Premier. Your staff has been VERY helpful, supportive, and most of all patient during this phase of our working relationship, and I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of how awesome we think your staff is! We all know how trying transitions like this can be, but thanks to your staff it has been virtually painless. Your people have really gone above and beyond with their courteous and exceptional customer service skills! It is nice to know that customer service still exists, and your staff are models of the spirit that it requires to be successful in this area! Kudos to you all from not only myself and the agency, but our clients that you are now servicing!”


Kari Miller, Pathways Hospice



“I would like to thank your staff for providing such prompt and professional service. My mother died over the weekend, but your staff made sure they delivered everything she needed as soon as Hospice was at our home. After my mother died your staff came out within a few hours after we had called to pick everything up, since the sight of all the equipment upset our family members. Again, thank you for excellent and caring service. Times like this are so stressful for the family members and your prompt and professional service helps alleviate that stress.”

Thank you,
Daughter of hospice patient



“If the rest of your employees are anything like my driver then you have an extraordinary group of individuals worthy of trust who inspire confidence. I like him and I’m sure everyone who meets him does too. It is obvious he takes great pride in his job, your company and the service he personally provides. I don’t say this lightly, but I totally trust him with my husband’s needs – what higher recognition can be bestowed? He goes the EXTRA mile and is responsible and proud of his job and service.”

Hospice patient and his wife



“I would like to share with you one thought on your employee…our residents and staff enjoy her weekly rounds at our facility. She brings such joy into so many people’s lives. She is always ready with a smile and laughter each time she comes here. She represents your company with the utmost professionalism. Over my 28 years working in long-term care, I have never known a vendor to seek to make each and every one of us feel that she is here only for us and no one else. She genuinely strives to provide the highest quality of health care for your clients. Thanks for sending us the best customer service.”

Mesa Vista of Boulder



“I cannot thank you enough for all the help your team has provided the Hospice of Saint John and our patients. Please send a huge THANK YOU to your RT staff for assisting us in a situation yesterday with a family in crisis…all they wanted was for their loved one to pass away at home. Your team assisted in this situation; please let them know that they were a part of fulfilling the last wish of this patient. We are forever grateful.”

Clinical Services Director, Hospice of St. John



“Your driver was so good, he made me want to work for your company!! Everything was done perfectly, starting with his advance phone call and timely arrival. He was perfectly courteous as well as obviously skilled in his set-up procedures. A level of service I have rarely found in any sector in this entire area.”

Partner of a hospice patient



“Lutheran has been requesting equipment for our assisted living home for a few years now, and we have had wonderful service. Your employees are very courteous and good at what they do. You deliver and pick up equipment in a timely manner. We appreciate your service and your employees.”

Caregiver, Exempla Lutheran Hospice



“The Director of Clinical Services wants to thank all of the Premier Medical staff for the great job everyone has been doing. She has been receiving great responses from the families and they appreciate the service we are providing.”

Halcyon Hospice



“Thank you so much for the wonderful delivery service you provided us today! When they arrived with the new bed, I had not yet arranged to have the other one picked up, your drivers cheerfully offered to break down the old bed to make room for the new one! I was so grateful for their help in making room for the new bed. At a very emotional time for our family your employees provided a positive experience, and help that was much appreciated.”

Daughter of a hospice patient



“Your driver is a very important asset to our facility. He is prompt, reliable and the most courteous of people. He always has a ready smile and is always willing to help in any way to correct a problem before it becomes a situation. All of us at Brighton Gardens of Denver appreciate him for his smile, his courtesy and his outgoing ways. He is someone you look forward to seeing. He is a great asset and a good public relations person for your company.”

Healthcare Information Manager, Brighton Gardens Denver



“I hope the management at Premier Medical Corporation knows what a gem they have in our driver. He did so much more than deliver the bed, oxygen and other equipment that hospice had ordered for my mother. To begin with, he moved furniture around my mother’s small apartment, installed all the equipment, and patiently explained how everything worked. In addition, he carried away and disposed of some large pieces that we no longer had room for. Most importantly, he was sensitive and kind to me, and helped me deal with a situation that was very upsetting for me. Thanks for sending him!”

Daughter of a hospice patient