Letter from Senior Leadership Team


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When we started Premier Medical in April 1993, we wanted to be sure to accomplish one thing: to take care of the patients we service as if they were our family. We am proud to say that what we have become is a Partner in Care with hospice organizations, nursing facilities and PACE providers.

Premier was created from the need for high-quality service, equipment and products in the Colorado Health Care Community. We began as a traditional health care provider specializing in delivering respiratory services and oxygen equipment directly to patients in their homes. In addition to our home care patients, we now provide medical equipment and respiratory services to long-term care facilities, hospice organizations and PACE providers.

Our goal of providing compassionate and competent oxygen-related services to patients in their homes has far surpassed our initial vision for where this company could go, and the positive impacts we would have on people’s lives. Our vision has become a reality because of the outstanding team of people who provide Premier’s services.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best services and highest-quality medical equipment to our partners and patients, because although our vision, scope and services have expanded, we still hold true to our initial mission of treating our patients like family and improving their quality of life.

– Senior Leadership Team