History, Mission & Philosophy



To provide exceptional service and compassionate care – every patient, every customer, every time.


Who We Are

We value the personal, one-on-one approach to our patients and customers. This is not some lofty, intangible service goal: it is what drives our strategy, our training and the services we provide.

We provide liquid oxygen, durable medical equipment, respiratory therapy, supplies, medical gases and services to nursing homes, hospice organizations and home care patients throughout Colorado and surrounding states.

But we do much more than this. We make sure our customers and patients are supplied on time. We work to keep them comfortable and happy. We bring a smile, compassion and the personal touch through the door with us.

To be able to do this, everyone at Premier needs to be on board with the credo that our customers and patients are our reason for being. Our team is known for doing that little bit extra, for going that extra mile, for extending far beyond the boundaries of a company and making sure that the personal connection is paramount in everything that we do. No matter what day or time of the week it happens to be. No matter how complicated the request. No matter what, Premier is there for you.



Premier Medical’s beginnings in 1993 were humble. We started out providing concentrators and cylinders to home health care patients.

We quickly expanded into liquid oxygen to meet Colorado doctors’ preferences for liquid rather than compressed oxygen, opening Cryogenic Medical Gases and establishing our own medical oxygen and cylinder fill plant to better meet the needs of our growing list of patients.

The next move was a strategic shift away from the saturated home health care market into servicing nursing homes and hospice organizations.

From our inception 16 years ago with just one home health care patient, we have grown to a dominant position in the technically demanding and strictly regulated niche of oxygen delivery, medical equipment and related respiratory services.

Today, 45% of our services involve providing oxygen and medical equipment to hospices, 40% to nursing homes, 12% to PACE programs, and 3% goes directly to home care patients and wholesale oxygen for home care dealers.

Despite our past and continuing growth, we always strive to provide the same high-quality, compassionate and personal care for which we have become known. This is our goal. It is what drives us. It is what continues to shape us.