Long Term Care


photo-longterm1Our reputation for quality care and exceptional services has allowed us to become the premier provider of oxygen, respiratory and durable medical equipment services to Nursing Facilities in Colorado and surrounding states.

We provide a variety of equipment and services to nursing homes. Our equipment includes oxygen systems (concentrators, cylinders and liquid oxygen), wheelchairs, beds, pressure support surfaces such as low air loss mattresses, suction machines, nebulizers, CPAPs and BiPAPs. While the equipment is readily available from multiple sources, it’s the service that distinguishes Premier Medical from everyone else.

Nurses in these facilities have countless demands on their time and they want to take the best possible care of their residents. We help them do that because they know we’ll handle the equipment so that they can take care of their patients. The nurses don’t need to worry about whether the oxygen tubing has been changed recently or if the filters on the machines have been cleaned, or if there are enough oxygen tubing supplies in the supply room. We blend into the nursing home team, becoming a part of that team of caregivers and getting to know the residents as well as the nurses do.


photo-longterm2There is a culture change movement under way to transform nursing homes from institutions into home-like environments and we’re part of that evolution, because we treat residents like family and keep the equipment sparkling.

We also provide services as a sub-contractor to companies who partner with large corporate nursing home chains and provide a wide array of services, including oxygen, respiratory therapy and durable medical equipment. We work hand in hand with these middlemen to provide superior service as an extension of them.

The Respiratory Therapists from Premier Medical Corporation help the nursing home staff with more challenging medical and equipment issues. Residents with tracheostomies, COPD and obstructive sleep apnea have complex care needs and our therapists help assess needs and develop care plans for their higher acuity needs.




We look forward to helping you with all your durable medical equipment, oxygen and respiratory service needs!